Clarins Nutri-Lumière Night Cream

Clarins Nutri-Lumière Night Cream

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Intense, nutrient-rich anti-aging night moisturizer formulated to nourish, revitalize and brighten mature skin that is dull, fragile, and dry by morning. The comforting texture melts right in leaving a nourishing, silky finish with youthful-looking luminosity.

Clarins' nutrient-powered plant discovery is the Horse Chestnut plant - known for its incredible longevity, strength, resistance, and rebirth every spring. Two potent parts of the Horse Chestnut plant - organic flower extract and active fruit molecule, escin - take action to help revive skin. Together, this revitalizing duo provides nourishment and luminosity for healthy-looking skin.

The micro-nutrient network is responsible for supplying nutrients and maintaining the skin's youthfulness. With age, the micro-nutrient network depletes and slows down, resulting in dullness, deep-wrinkles, dark spots, and dry and fragile skin.

Nutri-Lumière Collection is formulated with 10 organic ingredients.*
New Organic Wakame Seaweed extract promotes supple, youthful-looking skin. A plant-based blend of Organic Harungana, Organic Desert Date, and Organic Leaf of Life takes complete action to help visibly lift and smooth slackened skin, target dark spots, and deeply hydrate. Shea butter helps nourish, comfort, and soften. Huang qi extract helps remove impurities for brighter looking skin. Clarins anti-pollution complex protects the skin from harmful indoor and outdoor pollutants.

Pair with Nutri-Lumière day cream to boost results and reactivate skin's luminosity.

*Nutri-Lumière Night Cream contains 8 organic ingredients.

  • Intensely nourishes and restores vitality to mature skin
  • Visibly lifts and smoothes slackened skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of deep wrinkles and age spots
  • Hydrates and softens
  • Contains Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex


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