Laura Mercier Primer Relaunch Pure Canvas Supercharged Essence

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Laura, the creator of the Primer category, reinvents priming with a range of breakthrough, good-for-your-skin, good-for-your-makeup Primers. Unique, water-based, silicone-free formulas create a breathable, protective barrier over skin. "Primers are indispensable - They seal in Skincare and protect the skin while preparing the face for makeup." - Laura Mercier Superfine, supercharged and super-concentrated, this priming essence creates a flawless canvas for makeup application and extended wear. This unique transformative milky essence delivers next level priming with a visibly smoothing and ultra soothing complex. The formula melts onto skin while Marimo Pearl reflects light to enhance the appearance of skin for a picture-perfect look from every angle. Rejuvenating Beauty-Boosting peptides help deliver smoother, firmer younger looking skin. Apply after skincare. Gently massage a dime-sized amount onto skin with fingertips. Follow with Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation.